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Germains Launches Organic Seed Treatment For Spinach

Germains Seed Technology has introduced ProBio SafeGuard, a new certified organic seed treatment for spinach distributed exclusively through Holaday Seed Co.

A new addition to Germains’ seed health technology category, ProBio SafeGuard provides early plant protection against Pythium

even before the plant emerges. By providing pre-emergence protection, ProBio SafeGuard establishes a barrier around the emerging plant and the developing root system that helps protect spinach crops against Pythium during germination until the first true leaf stage.

Organic spinach growers are experiencing field issues due to Pythium, a fungal disease associated with the Damping Off Complex, which can result in substantial crop and financial losses.

The key timeframe for Pythium damage to take place is zero to 14 days after planting. Therefore, Germain’s research and development team devised a viable seed treatment solution to protect spinach plants from Pythium upon emergence and within the first stages of growth. ProBio SafeGuard helps to establish a greater number of plants resulting in higher yields.

“Pythium and other pathogens related to the Damping Off Complex have a tremendous impact on the organic spinach industry,” said Ernst van Eeghen, head of sales and marketing, Horticulture North America for Germains Seed Technology. “Pythium alone may cause crop losses that range anywhere from 10 to 40 percent, or at times an even greater amount. Yield loss due to Pythium has a significant financial impact on growers and the supply chain. I am pleased that our research and development team based in Gilroy, CA, succeeded in developing an innovative certified organic seed treatment that will be a tremendous asset for the organic spinach industry.

“The development of this new product gave us the opportunity to collaborate through the field trial phase with Holaday Seed Co.,” van Eeghen added. “Their dedication and support for this project resulted in the establishment of an exclusive distribution agreement with Holaday Seed Co..”

As consumers learn more about the benefits of a healthy diet bolstered by vitamin-rich leafy greens, consumer demand for organic produce has grown significantly. The United States is the largest single organic market in the world, with over 3 million acres of certified organic cropland in the country, according to USDA 2014 production data.

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