Holaday Seed Company is a family owned and operated seed distributor founded in 2005 by Brian Holaday. Since our inception we have provided the highest level of service. We collaborate with Growers and Shippers to find products that add value. We work locally and internationally with suppliers to develop and maintain product lines. While doing so, Holaday Seed Company remains vested in serving its local communities.

We are dedicated to providing high quality vegetable seeds for growers and shippers through innovative research and trusted service.
Holaday Seed Company is a leader in setting and progressing trends within the vegetable seed industry. We work globally with suppliers to source unique products. Collaborates locally with growers and shippers to view and execute trends. We do this by utilizing proprietary product development software created by Holaday Seed Company’s first employee, Brett Sefick.
Holaday Seed Company offers a unique approach when conducting Research and Development. Once a trial is started, real time information is available through proprietary product development software. Every trial is meticulous planned and placed, so essential information can be gathered. This process is executed by a staff with over 50 years of professional experience in the produce industry.
Holaday Seed Company serves the following organization; growers, shippers and supplier organizations. We source seed varieties of the highest quality for growers. Our developmental process places each variety in the proper micro climate within California and Arizona. This helps shipper organizations find value added products. Holaday Seed Company works internationally with supplier organizations to screen and advance experimental material in real time.
Holaday Seed Company is committed to having organically produced, non-GMO, seed readily available.